advantages and disadvantages~>

*There are advantages and disadvantages of using metro Dubai. advantage of Dubai Metro is that it is being designed in a manner to complement the other modes of transport, e.g. Buses, Taxis and Marine transport. The disadvantages of using metro dubai it is possible that it can cause noise pollution or parking spots being taken by those using the transport system. 

Is it beneficial to the country?

Most of you will say no but the truth it is very useful. When you ride the metro you have to pay for a ticket. This money will go to the government that will use this money to help the country in building, getting people to work and a lot of other things.

* Agree or don't Agree ?

- I agree in using metro Dubai because it halpes the environment from getting our pollution,and from preventing traffic in the street.It is also fun when you ride,you can see Dubai city under you.You can see the bluildings especially Burj Khalifa..

- I don't agree because  sometime the metro is full and alot of people are there and sometimes you can miss the metro.And some accidants can occur..

On the first day of operation, one metro train broke down and the passengers had to wait for two hours for a second train to be picked up.